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Fic: Finding my way back (to you) (The Tomorrow People; John/Astrid)


Fandom: The Tomorrow People

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: John/Astrid

Summary: He holds out his hand, “I’m John.” She grabs hold and shakes once, “Astrid.” He hears the faintest of bells somewhere far off in the distance, but ignores it in preference of letting her name roll off the tip of his tongue, “It’s nice to meet you Astrid.”

Author’s Note: So yes, they cancelled the show. No surprises there. But still, I am going to miss these two and especially John, who was a brilliant character and deserved better. This will probably be the last I write for this ship, unless inspiration strikes somewhere down the line.


She watches as Stephen pulls on the other woman’s leather jacket, tugging her away a mere few metres with a “Can you just excuse us for one minute?”

She’s not really given the opportunity to answer and thinks the question was a wasted breath; words he shouldn’t have uttered if she was never really going to be given a choice about how she should feel.

She’s not really surprised by it though.

She’s used to words being thrown around carelessly. Promises made for the sole purpose of breaking them.

When I kiss you next time, it’s not going to be because the world’s ending.


I promise I’ll make it up to you.


Stephen’s attempts at hushed whispering are horrendous, and she can hear the words, “We are not dragging her into this!” just fine. Not that that’s all she hears. No, she hears the frantic plea in his voice, the anger and the fear that tinges every syllable too.

It’s the fear that puzzles her.

“It’s the only way.”

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Whyyy they cancelled the show u.u?! I will never get over it



One of my faves so far!!


#sunday #car #pic #bmw #isetta (hier: Café Einstein Unter den Linden)


#sunday #car #pic #bmw #isetta (hier: Café Einstein Unter den Linden)

My new dream car 💙

My new dream car 💙

Don’t be defined by the clothes you wear…be the one who defines your clothes #lostinatereo #atl #shirt

Don’t be defined by the clothes you wear…be the one who defines your clothes #lostinatereo #atl #shirt

El comienzo de una hermosa y larga amistad #plato #pottery

El comienzo de una hermosa y larga amistad #plato #pottery

I wanna get lost and drive forever with you, talking about nothing…yeah whatever baby #unconventional #longwayhome

I wanna get lost and drive forever with you, talking about nothing…yeah whatever baby #unconventional #longwayhome

First pic with the new hair colour #hair #chill

First pic with the new hair colour #hair #chill

Imagine Luke. Worried because you don’t think you’re skinnier enough to date him.

“When are you going to get tired of being with me?” you asked out of nowhere, but the question was stuck in your mind for who knows how long now.

 “Emm I don’t know, maybe a couple of days more” he said teasing you.

You were hanging out in his house. He was playing FIFA while you were pretending that you were reading on the couch. Truth be told, you couldn’t stop thinking about all those gorgeous and young fans…a lot skinnier than you. Always around them, but around him at the most…he was the younger so it’s kind of logic.

 “You know…I’m serious” you start looking at your shoes, like they were the most fascinating thing in the world.

“Wha-what do you mean?” Turning off the TV, he faces you.

 “I don’t even know why someone like you would ever date someone like me…”

”Someone like me? What am I exactly Y/N?” he sounded in between of hurt and angry.

 “You know what I mean Luke”

 “No, really tell me. Illuminate me!” He pulls up your chin with his finger, so he can look straight into your eyes.

“You have the world in your palm Luke, and you guys didn’t even do a world tour yet! You’re getting to know places and people that will open your mind…”

“You opened my mind pretty hard Y/N!”

 “I know babe but…There are so much more interesting, beautiful, famous, younger, not to mention skinnier, girls out there…waiting for you. It’s only time until you figured it out.”

 He’s standing up and rubbing his hair and the back of his neck with his hand. “Please don’t tell this is about your insecurity about your body shape”

“Luke listen…”

 “No! You listen!” His blue eyes shine like you never saw them before. You held your breath, waiting for the worst. “I don’t know who do think I am… I’m not a superficial guy, who only cares about which size of jeans you ware or if I’m slimmer than you! You are not just another girl with no brain and a hot body… I…I don’t know how to say it… I really love your body, I learned to love it. It’s true I didn’t though you were an epic babe when we met, but I’ve never met someone who has your witness and passion. You’re not some skinny model who is always worried about how many calories she eats, but a girl that really loves how the pages of good book feels in her hands, or who closes her eyes enjoying while taping her finger or foot when she’s hearing the music on a train”.

 You’re trying to hold the tears in your eyes now. He kneels in front of you and take one lock of your hear between his fingers.

“So don’t tell me I could do better. I really don’t care. I love being with you… I love your hair, it’s always soft and smells good” You laughed “I love your lower lip…and how you bite it when you contained yourself from singing in public” Luke strokes your lip with his thumb.

“I like you lips too” you say to him.

 “Or do you?” he smiles.

 “Yes” you whisper “and I really love your voice…how it sounds. It’s not a boy’s voice, it’s a man’s one” He lean and kiss you, with both of his hand holding your face.

When you pull away, your foreheads were still touching each others. “You look like art, and art isn’t suppose to look always nice, art it’s suppose to make you feel something” you heard him whisper and you open your eyes surprised.

 “You just tried to quote Eleanor and Park” He laughs

“Yep. I found it in your purse the other day. I didn’t think it was your book’s type but then I realized why you’d read it”

“You didn’t have to read it too though” you smile at him and give him a quick peck on the lips.“Thanks for being you” you whisper

 “I should be the one thanking you” and you just know it…he’s not like any other guy.